Jack Halpern


   Data Licensing

Principal Korean Lexical Resources

  • Korean-Chinese Dictionary of Proper Nouns
    Our Korean-Chinese database of Korean and non-Korean personal names and place names contains over 1,880,000 records.

  • Multilingual Database of Proper Nouns
    Covers Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English and Korean.

  • Korean Lexical Database
    Our comprehensive monolingual Korean lexical database contains detailed grammatical and phonological attributes such as POS codes, conjugation patterns and verb transitivity, suitable for such applications as IMEs, MT systems and morphological analysis.

  • Multilingual Dictionary of Korean Proper Nouns
    This covers surnames, given names, and place names in hangul, hanja (Chinese characters), Japanese, and English.

  • Korean-Japanese Database of Proper Nouns
    This covers surnames, given names, and place names in hangul and Japanese, covering 2.25 million entries.

  • Comprehensive Word List for Korean
    Comprehensive monolingual word list for Korean, totalling 1,040,887 entries and covering general vocabulary, proper nouns and technical terms.

  • Korean Companies and Organizations
    A database of Korean company and organization names is under development.

  • Korean Parts of Speech
    A description of the Korean part-of-speech system used in our comprehensive Korean Lexical Database and analysis of the major theories of Korean word classes. More details at korpos2.htm.

  • Miscellaneous Korean lexical resources
    We are now compiling an English-Korean dictionary, and have various other Korean lexical resources, especially for Korean IME systems. We also have transcription and transliteration systems for Korean.