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Simplified Chinese-to-English Dictionary


Overview and Coverage

Our CJKI Simplified Chinese to English Dictionary covers over 440,000 entries of general vocabulary, technical terms, and important proper nouns, and can be expanded to include over 600,000 entries.

Compiled in collaboration with lexicographers from a leading Chinese university, and based on the world's most authoritative and comprehensive dictionaries that have been published in China, this dictionary is truly one of a kind. It has undergone extensive proofreading and validation by a team of native Chinese editors.

This Simplified Chinese to English Dictionary is ideal for:

  • Machine translation dictionaries.
  • Cross-language information retrieval applications for accurate term recognition and indexing.
  • Handheld electronic dictionaries.
  • Mobile device applications.

The data includes many attributes and features, such as complete Traditional Chinese support and the inclusion of both pinyin and zhuyin for every single entry and example sentence.

Please see the sister edition, the CJKI English-to-Simplified Chinese Dictionary. We also maintain a comprehensive Chinese-English Dictionary of Technical Terms covering 70 domains, and a one million-entry database of proper nouns.

Data Sample

(A larger data sample is available here.)

Simplified Chinese-to-English Dictionary
Chinese POS* Pinyin English
N guó country; nation; state; a surname
A guó national; of the state; of our country; Chinese
国丧 N guósāng state obsequies; national mourning
国乐 N guóyuè traditional Chinese music
国书 N guóshū letter of credence; credentials; letter of commission
国书付本 N guóshū fùběn copy of credentials
国产 A guóchǎn domestic; made in our country; Chinese-built; home-made; domestically produced [built; made]; made in China
国产设备 N guóchǎn shèbèi home equipment
国产货 N guóchǎnhuò domestic products; domestic goods
国产货正在取代进口货 N guóchǎnhuò zhèngzài qǔdài jìnkǒuhuò Home-made goods are edging out imported foreign goods.
国产轿车 N guóchǎn jiàochē domestic-made cars
国产远洋货轮 N guóchǎn yuǎnyáng huòlún Chinese-built ocean-going freighter
国产影片 N guóchǎn yǐngpiàn Chinese film
国产税 N guóchǎnshuì excise duties
国产装备 N guóchǎn zhuāngbèi Chinese-made equipment
国产品 N guóchǎnpǐn home products; national products; domestic products
国优 N guóyōu appraised as excellent at the national level; national best; national excellence; quality product endorsed by the state
国优产品 N guóyōu chǎnpǐn national quality product
国债 N guózhài national debt; government loan; public debt; national bonds
国债专项资金 N guózhài zhuānxiàng zījīn special fund for treasury bond